Set of 2- Superior 100% Hungarian Goose Down 700 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow

Set of 2- Superior 100% Hungarian Goose Down 700 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow


  • LAY YOUR SLEEPY HEAD ON A CLOUD TONIGHT – This pillow set includes two pillows, Our 700 Fill Power (21-ounce) Hungary white down pillows are exceptionally soft and fluffy – Perfect for Back and Side Sleeper. guaranteed to provide warmth, pleasure and total relaxation.
  • MADE IN THE USA & RDS CERTIFIED – Continental bedding only uses the finest quality materials and is made right here in the USA. We are also RDS certified (Responsible Down Standard) to ensure that all down clusters come from geese that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm. We aim to promote Holistic respect for animal welfare.
  • 700 FILL GOOSE DOWN, NATURES PREMIER FILL – Each pillow is filled with seven hundred fill power white goose down. The Hungarian white goose down clusters delivers superior loft and a higher degree of comfort. The pillow is slightly firmer than our 700 FP but is still plump, lightweight and fluffy. Lay your sleepy head on a soft cloud, for a perfectly restful sleep.
  • ENJOY THE COMFORT WITHOUT THE ALLERGENS OF FEATHERS – With our breathable and hypoallergenic 100% goose down filled pillow, you can enjoy the comfort without the allergens of feathers. Goose down is known to be hypoallergenic and helps people with asthma and allergies sleep better throughout the night.
  • LUXURIOUS 100% COTTON OUTER LAYER – Material: 100% striped damask cotton. The high end 300 (TC) thread count Hungarian cotton gives you a soft, silky surface. You can easily fit a standard -sized pillow sham or pillow cover over these white goose down bed pillows. Turn your bedroom or guest room into a deluxe sleeping haven.

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Continental Bedding Making Dreams Come True - Supreme Softness, Maximum Comfort & Unparalleled Quality!
Get the Sleep You Deserve!
Feather, synthetic fluff or memory foam pillows cannot compare to the luxuriousness of a goose down pillow.
Down is natures premium insulator and is one of the most desired fills for comforters, and pillows.
It will retain its buoyancy and loft, elevating your head as if you are floating on a cloud.

General Features of Continental Bedding Down Pillows:
➤ Hypoallergenic – The ultra-clean goose down clusters are packed into striped damask cotton fabric.
These do not trap dust, or other.

➤ 700 Fill Power White Goose Down – This high level of fill power creates a firm yet puffy pillow.
The soft fluffy plumage fills give you luxurious warmth and softness, unmatched by synthetic fibers.

➤ Perfect Height – The pillow height is ideal for both side-sleepers, back-sleepers and stomach sleepers.
The pillows are finished with superior stitching and reinforced seams.

Why Our Customers Only Buy and Trust Our Down Pillows?!
Continental Bedding is committed to promoting animal welfare and has taken great care to become RDS certified.
This certification ensures that all down clusters come from geese that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm.
Our entire production is audited and tested by a third-party certification body.

✔ Set includes: 2 pillows
✔ 300 TC Cotton Striped Damask Shell
✔ White Hungarian Goose Down Fill
✔ RDS Certified. Made in the USA

Tip: If your pillow arrives slightly flat or becomes flat after sleeping on it, simply plump it up by shaking it around.
Leave for a few hours and it will regain its loft.

The pair of pillows will suspend your head with no pressure or resistance - Just pure comfort!

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